DivioTec Partners with Vaxtor to Provide End-to-end ITS Solution

DivioTec is pleased to announce a technological partnership with Vaxtor system, a pioneer in server-based LPR/ANPR recognition software including auto parking LPR, speed detection, and red light violation. This partnership empowers all partners and customers to experience the high accuracy of DivioTec LPR/ANPR solution combined with Vaxtor system for multiple intelligent traffic application. 

Well known as a pioneer in ITS filed, Vaxtor has deployed in more then 6,000 ANPR lanes in the past 3 years and more than 10,000 ALPR license quoted for 2017 and 2018. 
Vaxtor specialize in OCR analytics technology and ANPR solutions for a wide range of market segments including parking, access control, urban, onboard and high speed. The advanced technology is totally optimized and integrated with DivioTec device.
Vaxtor software is flexible, expendable and extremely easy to set up. Now, all DivioTec partners can experience the end-to-end total traffic solution powered by Vaxtor software.
DivioTec is the first to design SmartCatch™ SoC. Our cameras incorporate LPR mode and Overview mode into one camera. With LPR mode, the camera is able to isolate high contrast license plate numbers from the moving vehicles to improved accuracy for LPR and ANPR solutions with consistently crisp, clear images of vehicle license plate characters. It features a weather-proof (IP66) sun-shield housing for outdoor use, and is also able to work in environments with temperatures from as low as -20~60 degree Celsius/-40~140 degree Fahrenheit.
LPR/ANPR Application:

Installation Photos: 
End-to-end total solution for Speed Detection and Red Light Violation demonstrated at below. DivioTec offer 7-50mm lens LPR camera, TBR723, for long range capture:

Demand for intelligence traffic solution is growing, and DivioTec is proud to partner with Vaxtor system. DivoiTec and Vaxtor look forward to exploring the great potential of the global market through this partnership. For more information about DivioTec and our comprehensive product lines, please visit

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