LPR Dashboard Manages Latvia Auto Parking Space

DivioTec cooperates with Latvia partner and offer traffic flow control total solution. DivioTec LPR TBR722 cameras are fully integrated into Latvia partner TFC ( Transport Flow Control ) system. This system is specially designed for companies, institutions or cities to manage automatic parking lot and calculate entry time or parking fees. DivioTec TBR722 camera delivers the clear video necessary for LPR applications to ensure that crisp images of license plates can be captured even if a vehicle is moving.

LPR Dashboard Manage Parking Space
LPR(license plate recognition) total solution captures the entry information and display the results on dashboard, it helps owner to easier manage the parking lot and save time on event searching.
This TFC system includes a wide range of automation functions such as number plate detection, RFID card system, CCTV cameras, barriers control, information LED display and cash registers. Together with DivioTec professional camera, the camera is able to isolate high contrast license plate numbers from the moving vehicles to increase the recognition accuracy. 

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